Hispanic      Authentic Mexican Food

The Hispanic Menu:

Lechón en Adobo Whole piglet in adobo sauce
Tortilla Española Famous Spanish potato and egg mixture
Gambas al Ajillo Shrimps in garlic sauce
Chorizos al Vino Spanish sausage in wine sauce
Pimientos rellenos Rice filled green peppers
Paella Spanish style rice with meat and seafood
Estofado Spanish style rice with meat and seafood
Tostones Sliced fried plantain
Croquetas de Arroz Rice croquettes
Sandwiches de Miga Famous South American sandwiches in special bread
Ensalada Rusa Potato salad
Pupusas Salvadorian corn pouches with cheese, beans or pork rind
Tamales Corn dough with appetizing flavours and/or fillings, steamed in either cornhusk or banana leaves

Argentinean or Chilean Meat, chicken or vegetable wheat pies with South American style fillings.
Bolivian Corn dough filled with cheese and covered with confectioners’ sugar
Colombian Corn dough pouches filled with chicken, meat or vegetables in Central American style
Mexican Wheat pouches with spicy meat, chicken, cheese or vegetable fillings
Salvadorian Plantain dough filled with either beans or milk
Venezuelan White corn dough wit delicious fillings