Hispanic      Authentic Mexican Food

The Authentic Mexican Menu

A complete selection of Mexican Hankerings:
(Antojitos Mexicanos)

Taquitos Crispy rolled-up tortilla, filled with shredded chicken, beef or vegetables
Quesadillas Corn dough pouches with mushrooms, cheese, chicken, beef or spinach
Tostadas Crispy open face tortilla with succulent toppings, cream and cheese
Molletes Bread slice topped with different sauces, cheese and beans
Pambazos Loonie size bread in Pasilla sauce with potato and chorizo
Enchiladas Rolled-up soft corn tortilla soaked in any one of our succulent sauces and filled with chicken, beet, begetables, beans or cheese
Chilaquiles Corn chips in mole, red or green sauce with cream and melted cheese
Chiles Rellenos Poblano peppers with picadillo, cheese or vegetables
Alambres (skewers) In beef, chicken or shrimp categories
Jalapeños Stuffed with cheese
Tortas “The Mexican Sandwich” all kinds of fillings
Jitomates Rellenos Stuffed tomatoes with avocado, tuna, etc.
Aguacates Rellenos Avocado stuffed with potato and chorizo, tuna, etc.

        Main Dishes

Ceviche  Lime marinated fish and seafood
Nopalitos  Tender cactus in lime vinaigrette
Salpicón  Shredded beef on selected greens and vegetables
Pico de Gallo Vegetables and fruits
Ejotes Green beans in lemon dressing
Jícama y
Jicama root and orange
Caesar As you know the original recipe is Mexican!
Tortilla In chicken and pasilla pepper broth
Elote Delicious cream of corn
Caldo Tlalpeño Chicken, vegetables and chipotke pepper
Potaje Campesino Beans soup
Pozole Light pork stew with Golden Hominy. A real treat!
Chicken Dishes:
En Mole Poblano In “Chocolate Sauce”. Terrific combination of   fruits, vegetables, nuts and spices, among them real ‘cocoa”
En Almendrado Almond sauce
En Encacahuatado Peanut sauce
En Pipián Red or Green: Pumpkin seeds
En Salsa Verde Green Spanish Tomatillo sauce
En Salsa Mexicana Tomato and Serrano Pepper
En Salsa Poblana Poblano pepper
En Pasilla Guajillo, Ancho, Mole Verde, etc.
Beef, Pork and Lamb Dishes:
  En salsa verde
  En Pasilla
  En Chipotle
  En Chipotle
  A la Mexicana, en Tinga, etc.
Fish and Seafood:
  En Habanero
  A la Veracruzana
  En Ajo
  En Chipotle
  Salsa de Cilantro, Salsa Verde, etc.
Arroz Mexicana, Verde or Blanco
Papas Con Chorizo, con rajas, etc.
Rajas Con crema
Calabacitas con Elote Zucchini and corn
Espinacas Zucchini and corn
Frijoles Hervidos, Charros, Refritos, etc.
Crepas con Cajeta Crepes in Caramelized Milk
Flan Caramel custard
Natilla Pudding
Buñuelos Puff pastry with syrup
Tamales In cornhusk, filled with chicken, beef, pineapple or raisins
Camote con Miel Sweet Potato and syrup
Pastel de tres leches three milks cake
Pastel de Elote Corn cake
All time Favourites:
Guacamole and home made corn chips
Chicken, Beef or Shrimp Fajitas
Self Serve Taquiza: Soft corn tortillas with different succulent fillings
Pan de Muerto, Rosca de Reyes, Pan casero
Café de Olla: The Grand Finale! Coffee with raw sugar and spices