Special Services
Outsourcing Solutions for the Hospitality Industry

We are the Outsourcing Solution for the Hospitality Industry

The diversification of food in this multicultural city makes it necessary for the Hospitality Industry to outsource for foreign products in order to avoid:

· Waste of time looking for the information on the subjects of interest
and probably not been able to find the most adequate and
· Labour costs trying to emulate something not familiar.
· Purchasing all kind of supplies that may never be of use again.
· Risking the client’s satisfaction.

Xilonen Catering & Consulting offers Latin American, Spanish
And Mexican supplies for those special occasions.

Easy as one, two, three: You order, we deliver, and you warm up or unwrap and serve!

Canapés or Hors D’oeuvres
With red meat, chicken or vegetarian fillings

Taquitos Tamales
Quesadillas Pupusas
Pambazos Empanadas (all categories)
Molletes Wraps
Chilaquiles Croquetas
Enchiladas Tortilla Española
Alambres Chorizos (all presentations)
Chiles Rellenos Tostones or Fried Plantain
Aguacates Rellenos Tortas
Jalapeños Rellenos Ceviche
Jitomates Rellenos Sandwiches de Miga


Mole Poblano Poultry, and red meat
Almendrado Poultry, Pasta and vegetables
Tinga Poultry, red meat and vegetables
Salsa Verde All dishes including canapés
Pipián Verde Pork, beef and duck
Pipián Rojo Poultry, beef and pork
Pasilla Beef, pork, eggs and bread
Chipotle White or red meat, fish, seafood, wraps
Guajillo All dishes
Ajonjolí & Jalapeño Meats seafood and fish
Mango & Habanero Fish, seafood, poultry and drinks
Ranchera Table sauce, corn chips, appetizers
Adobo Marinates, meats baking
Chimichurri Empanadas, meats